Data Center Down! Behind the Scenes (High Availability & Disaster Recovery)

Watch this behind to scenes to see how Symantec put our high availability and disaster recovery technology to the ultimate test. We loaded a server rack with a multi-tier application stack including an Oracle database on Solaris and the application layer on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as primary data center. A disaster recovery site was set up on a second rack, our failover data center. The applications were clustered using Veritas Cluster Server. Veritas Replicator was set up to do data replication between the sites. And then the fun started, as we took our two “data centers” 18 stories up on a building in the heart of Silicon Valley and we dropped the primary rack off the roof. See how it seamlessly failed over to a recovery site. Hear from Red Hat and ESG Analysts as they discuss the critical nature of high availability and disaster recovery for data centers running Linux. For more information on high availability and disaster recovery solutions, please visit Watch the original Data Center Down video at For more Symantec videos please visit SymantecTV at